Know the 4 C’s Before You Buy a Diamond

Luminus Cut Diamonds

While you are going for purchasing the diamond earring or jewelry, you might be worried about the quality of the diamond. The quality of diamonds is the foremost factor while buying them. The quality relies totally on the 4C’s. These 4Cs are the four major characteristics of luminus diamonds.
A number of sellers generally fool their customers by selling them the fake stones on the name of real precious stones. It is very important for consumers to know about the 4C’s to purchase the right and genuine stone on genuine cost.
4C’s of Diamonds
• Clarity
The clarity of the diamond is a major factor because diamonds go under harsh treatment. Due to harsh circumstances, diamonds get blemishes and inclusions. The outer flaws are blemishes and internal are known as inclusions. All these are counted under the clarity face.
• Color
The color is counted to be the next important factor while you look for purchasing a diamond. The lesser color visibility in luminus loose diamonds gives the highest grade of the diamonds. Diamond merchants check the precious stones color degree from the level D to Z. here, level D is colorless and level Z has the most significant color.
• Carat
Diamonds are measured in the unit of Carat. The weight of diamonds is counted in carats while purchasing or selling. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. The term makes the diamonds more precious. The original one-carat luminus cut diamonds are pure and perfect to settle in the jewelry piece.
• Cut
The way the diamond is cut and polished win the heart of the customers through the brilliance, sparkling effect and the fire of them. Luminus cut diamonds have a proper polished cut that enhances the beauty and reflection of diamonds. The precision cut of diamonds emits the light rays from sides and base excluding the top portion. Some common diamond cuts are cushion cut, Emerald cut, Radiant cut, Marquise cut, princess cut amongst others.
Experts count cut as the most important factor in the grading system of diamonds. A perfect cut luminus diamonds gives all the brilliance and sparkling effect over the other factors. Blemishes of lunimus loose diamonds can be hidden with its perfect cut and brilliant sparkle.

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